Monday, 28 October 2013

Concept art 2: The Return

So I finally got around to colouring that picture I made. Huh, how about that? 

The original motivation behind this image was to provide me with a visual representation of what I felt my characters looked like. It would serve as a reminder of their main traits as well.A lot of changes happen during my development processes (including names!) and it can be easy to forget who these people actually are when so much alters around them.

As always you can see the full file at my DeviantArt page.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back to school

I've enrolled in a writing course with The Writers Bureau. Its something I've been considering for some time now. I sent for some information a few months back and since then I've been receiving e-mail after e-mail trying to entice me in!

It would seem it worked.

I enrolled on one of their courses back in January 2007. I was stupid and went for the comprehensive course, the one that covers both fiction and non-fiction. I suppose it was good for one thing at least: I knew afterwards that I wanted nothing to do with non-fiction. Needless to say I never had enough interest to make it to the fiction portion and I abandoned the course. I've kicked myself ever since.

But I'm older now and more determined than ever. I've gone for their Novel and Short Story Writing Course so I'm expecting to get nothing but the most useful of information from it. My first assignment is a simple questionnaire about myself, 300 words about why I want to write and a 300-500 word description of a place/event of my choosing.

Sounds pretty straight forward so far!