Friday, 15 November 2013

The sound of inspiration

I have only been a fan of Mike Oldfield's music for the past few months. Prior to that time I was aware only of his arguably most famous work, Tubular Bells, more commonly known as the theme to the 1973 horror movie The Exorcist. It had never occurred to me to research the man behind the music.

The motivations that started me on his trail escape my present memory but needless to say once discovered I found his range of music quite unexpected. Oldfield's latest album Music of the Spheres (released way back in 2008) is a particularly fine piece of work and easily one of my favourite albums. I'd even go so far as to say it could be our modern day answer to Holst's own suite, The Planets.

But the one single track that has ensnared my senses is Mont St Michel from the 1996 album Voyager. The entire album is unabashedly Celtic with melancholic strings and wavering wind instruments galore. But the final track is a veritable tour de force and if I were to choose a sound for my own world this would be it.

A link to the track is provided for your listening pleasure.

Several key timestamps in this track remind me very strongly of certain points in my story. So perfectly do they fit that I have not even had to struggle to match them up. This track is an absolutely brilliant resource for helping me to picture my scenes in vivid detail. I don't just see them now; I feel them.

00:00 - 01:22 - Nasrin steps into a whole new world. The endless plains stretch out in semi-darkness before her as an orange sun peeks above the horizon casting the sky in cloud lined streaks of blue and gold. She sees the village ahead of her.

01:22 - 06:23 - Nasrin arrives at the village just in time to see it awaken. A solitary figure steps forth from a small thatched hut, places a flute-like instrument to her lips and plays a sombre but beautiful tune. As the sun rises higher in the sky many more people appear from their homes, quietly and serenely they go about their daily business.

06:23 - 08:25 - We cut to the fox, Dexderidas, as he races through a forest of thin, tall trees. His nimble frame darts between the trees as if they are nothing. Close to his heels runs a dog; the hunter and his faithful pet in hot pursuit. As the forest grows dense branches whip at the fox. He flees desperately, running for his life.

08:25 - 09:43 -Nasrin sits beside a glowing camp fire, all about her is darkness. Close by sits a hunched figure, the silhouette of Reinhart, a ranger of Mera Skova. He is a man of few words, a man whos reputation is viewed with great disdain. Yet he shows Nasrin kindness. This can also be used for a later Reinhart scene... which I will not spoil.

09:43 - 12:16 - The triumphant return. I think this section explains itself, after all it would ruin everything to simply explain the ending here.

I am very excited for Oldfield's new album Man on the Rocks, due for release in January next year.

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