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Monday blog: Routine

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I am the sort of person who needs structure, a rigid pattern of activities that recur at reliable intervals, in order to work at my best. Or even to work at all. I can talk myself out of doing most things simply through the belief that I haven't given them much thought, that I haven't mentally prepared myself. As such, I require a routine to write.

I've been attempting to write consistently for some time now. During that time I have discovered that I do not work well late in the day. Around about 3pm or 4pm I tend to get twitchy and find any excuse to abandon any task that resembles writing. Trying to write after work in the evening does not yield positive results either, usually encouraging more excuses and complacency than normal. The only time I seem to be able to concentrate, focus and feel positive about my work, is first thing in the morning.

It was clear that some sacrifices needed to be made. My downtime during the evening needed to be trimmed in order to allow me to wake up earlier. I now rise at 5am, have a quick breakfast and sit down at the desk to start writing. This means I can squeeze up to 90 minutes of writing time out of my morning and ensure that I have achieved something significant before I even leave for work.

I have also implemented a couple of weekly tasks which add further structure and give me small responsibilities that I need to observe. Both the Monday blog and Random Fridays are something that I need to keep up, even if it means forcing myself to write something or publish unedited; two very useful skills to develop.

Ironically, on the day I have chosen to write about routine, I have been distracted by the internet and fallen behind. I have allowed myself little time to write today's Monday blog. May the deterioration in this blog's quality serve as a lesson to all.

This is Frisk,
signing off.

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