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Monday blog: Two months

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 So we're almost through February, the second month of a twelve month year. That's a lot of time gone in what seems like no time at all. Then again, that's really very much how time seems to work and I never have enough of it.

However, looking back over the six weeks in which I have practised my new regime points to promising results. I'm not a fan of celebrating prematurely because stopping halfway into a race to pat yourself on the back is possibly the most damning thing you can do to yourself. However I feel it is important to slow the pace and take comfort in your steady progress every now and then.

The Monday blogs and Random Fridays have so far been quite the success; not only have they forced me into a regular routine but they have prompted me to be constantly thinking in new ways. Every Monday I must find something to discuss relating as best I can to writing and my experiences within it. I'm constantly analysing what I do anyway but sometimes simply typing it down reveals things I had not considered before.

The regular reading has been going well too. I'm not naturally the fastest or most frequent reader so I've been aiming for at least a book a month (more than I was reading before at any rate.) I try to read a chapter of my current book before bed which seems to be serving me well in terms of completing the book within the limit. Not only that but I'm also enjoying reading again; perhaps I've simply picked good books so far but I find myself excited to return to them whereas previously I could even put a good book down and not return. Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy is a series I had been meaning to complete ever since I read Northern Lights some years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I have noticed that my own fantasy story Kin shares a lot of similarities and that particular mould of fantasy is very much one I am a fan of.

But it's possibly in the regular Random Fridays instalments that I have found the most use; these little exercises have encouraged me to type and write without fear of inadequacy. By framing the writing around the idea of quick-shot ideas my brain seems to have grown an acceptance to the process. However, as I have found in the past, this is a skill easily lost without it's frequent application. The results can already be seen in my most recent random (yet to be completed) which has actually captured my imagination and prompted me to continue it beyond a single five hundred word singular into a multi-scene short story. When you see the theme used though, you might wonder why this one in particular appealed to me, I certainly did.

I don't believe in tempting fate, bad karma or jinxing chances of future success so I'm going to say right now that I feel quite confident in the continuation of this particular routine. I also feel a lot more motivated to actually get started on the first draft of Kin. More on that, and other things, another time.

Well, this review quickly turned into a full on back patting didn't it? Time to get back into it; the race is still on and I'm nowhere near the finish line yet.

This is Frisk,
signing off.

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