Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday blog: Four hours

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Camp NaNoWriMo April progress: 0 words

In less than four hours Camp NaNoWriMo begins (at least it does in this time zone) and I am woefully unprepared for what lies before me. 50,000 words, my self imposed goal, need to be written in only a month; essentially an entire novel's worth of text, albeit a short one. I am not ready.

This of course is the whole point. I'm never prepared, I'm never ready. I'll always find an excuse to avoid the writing, to dodge that moment when fingers must hit keys and words must be formed on a blank white screen. The result could be good but it could also be terrible, horrible and quite, quite rubbish; in actual fact, as a first draft, it more than likely will be. So why not leave the page blank and step away? Why not shirk all responsibility and simply never find out? Why run the risk of proving my inadequacy when wilfully wallowing in ignorance is so much easier and a much less depressing concept?

No more. I've done what is easy for too long. Now it is time to do what is hard and to do what I am meant to do. NaNoWriMo has never demanded quality, only quantity. In less than four hours I shall begin the long march to victory... and it shall be glorious.

This is Frisk,
signing off.

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