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Writers' Bureau course progress: Assignment 2 making progress

I don't have much to say today and feel I should offer some personal updates as a meagre substitute for a post with any meaningful content:

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014

As a participant of NaNoWriMo in November 2011 I receive emails and updates from the organisations other programs throughout the year. Camp NaNoWriMo is one of these. Camp Nano is basically the same as the main November event except with a little added leniency. Participants are encouraged to enter their own word count goal, anything from 10,000 up to 100,000. The rules are the same, write and meet your chosen word count in only a month to win.

One of the aforementioned emails informed me that Camp Nano is being held in April and I decided that it would be a perfect time to try the activity again after my success in 2011 which produced my original draft of Kin. Kin is now is a position to undergo its new and improved first draft and what better way to do it than by hammering it out in only a month? I have the structure and content in my mind, all I require now is the actual word count, arguably the biggest problem for me, and Nano has been an absolute miracle cure for that in the past. So for the entirety of April I will be trying to meet my previous Nano word count of 50,000. As a story Kin has expanded in size since the beginning days and 50,000 words will surely not be enough to complete it, but it should prove to be one hell of a good start.

Part of any Nano event is to create a short outline of the novel you are working on so the community can see what sort of stories individuals are writing. It turns out that writing a short synopsis for a novel could possibly be even harder than writing the actual work itself! I did the best I could to match the style you would find on the rear cover of a published book:

At 12 years of age Jade already knows she was born to the wrong world. But when an unusual fox steals her only source of happiness, a series of events are set in motion that will change Jade's life forever.

Jade stumbles upon another world, Mera Scova, where the people commune with nature and form lasting bonds with animals known as kin. Jade soon realises that she has the chance to escape her world forever if she can prove her worth by bonding with her very own kin.

Dexderidas is a fox running from a life he'd rather forget. When an impulsive human girl decides to make him a kin he's abruptly thrown into more trouble than he can imagine. Dexderidas will have to swallow his pride and set aside his hatred for humankind if he hopes to survive.

Writers' Bureau course

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't paid enough attention to my writing course since I started it in October of last year. To date I have completed assignment one and received feedback but assignment two has been hanging in a state of mid-completion for some time. This can be attributed in no small part to my uncanny ability to take on a range of different tasks with little regard for how much time they require of me!

Assignment two is all about researching publications that accept short stories, analysing the style of a chosen publication and then writing a short story of no more than 1500 words that could be considered for inclusion within said publication. The section of the course material that deals with short stories out and out admits they they are one of the hardest forms of writing, simply because of their compact size and the requirement to tell an concise and complete story within their confines. I've never really written small before; anything small I have produced is always open ended or intended for a larger work. To stick to such a small scale was proving a tricky concept for my mind to embrace.

However I have chosen a publication to research: The Future Fire, an independent magazine concerned with the publication of speculative fiction amongst other themes. It seems to publish just the sort of content I would be interested in reading and I might just consider subscribing for my own personal enjoyment. I'm hoping to create something that would suit their themes and satisfy the requirements for assignment two in the next week or so. More on this as it happens.

So with this and April's Camp Nano the blog might go dark for a few weeks while I try to get my head around the tasks I have accepted. If this happens then I apologise for it is not my intention. I shall do my absolute best and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

This is Frisk,
signing off.

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